Ada Lovelace Celebration – 17 – 18 of November

The speakers for the Ada Lovelace Celebration were:

Maral Kalajian (Watty) – Obsession is the reward

Edith Ngai (Uppsala University) – Green Internet-of-Things for smart cities

Amandine Le Cahain (DICE) – A look into video games development

Panagiota Fatourou (University of Crete, Greece) – Harnessing the Difficulties of Synchronization

Ruth G. Lennon (Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland) – I think I can I know I can

Mariana Bocoi (Klarna) – The tools and woes of the trade

Alaa Rahimi (Freespee) – Are you curious to know how we teamed up to build our latest product?

Victoria Wagman (4Elks) – How to learn what you didn’t know that you want to know

Thank you all for a great event!

The coding workshop was another great success. Thank you all!


  • Amandine Le Cahain (DICE)
  • Johan Bolin (Prevas)
  • Karin Holmstrom (Prevas)
  • Harold Martinez (Netlight)
  • Siddhartha Mondal (Freespee)
  • Victoria Wagman (46Elks)
  • Mariana Bocoi (Klarna)
  • Maja Kontrec (Erlang Solutions)

International Women’s Day

Next week’s Wednesday (8th of March) it’s time for the International Women’s Day! What better occasion to get together and watch Hidden Figures? Join us to watch an inspiring and true story on three African-American female pioneers!

“HIDDEN FIGURES is the incredible untold story of Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe)-brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, a stunning achievement that restored the nation’s confidence, turned around the Space Race, and galvanized the world. The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big.” (

We will gather either on Tuesday (7th of March, at 17:30) or on Wednesday (8th of March, at 17:30 or 20:00) depending on when most of you have time. Comment, drop us a message, and let us know if you want to join! Exact date & time will be announced by Friday evening.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

April Meeting

Welcome to our next meeting the 6th of April, 16:00 o’clock. The meeting will be held at ITC in room 1406.

The main topic for the meeting is the WomENcourage project: the poster presentations as well as other related tasks, such as PR etc.

If this project sounds interesting to you or if you just want to join and listen, feel free to drop in!

Hope to see you there!

March Meeting

Our March meeting will be on the 17th of March, 16:00 o’clock,
room 1345. During the next meeting we will start organizing our upcoming
projects. The projects that are on our TODO list so far are:

1) Women’s Day Celebration (8th of March)
2) Hackathon (October)
3) Helping students to send in a poster to Womencourage 2016 (before summer)
4) Lecture series (not yet determined)
5) Christmas Party (December)

If any of these projects interest you or if you just want to join and listen
to what we do, feel free to drop in!

Hope to see you there!

Join us celebrating the international Women’s day!

We welcome you to join us to celebrate the international Women’s day at Uplands nation on Tuesday, the 8th of March. Come and learn more about us and what we are doing, or just come and have a nice evening  while celebrating the importance of this day.
Everyone is welcome, men or women, undergraduate or graduate student!

We plan to meet up outside Uplands at 18:00 o’clock and enter together. A nation card is however required to enter.
If you don’t have one, the chapter would be happy to help you to get a guest card, provided that you are able to pay the fee (75 SEK) yourself.
Sign up for the guest card through this google form, latest by Monday 17:00 o’clock:

Hope to see you there!

Spring Meeting

It’s time to kick off spring with an UU ACM-W chapter meeting!

Where?  ITC room 1345

When?  Thursday the 25th of February at 17:00

The meeting is open for everyone! You are welcome to come if you just want to listen in or if you have some ideas for upcoming events.

Hope to see you there!

Seeking new board

UU ACM-W is looking for a new board starting the 1st of February 2016. UU ACM-W is a student group at Uppsala University promoting gender equality in Computer Science and Information Technology.

The positions that need to be filled are:

Chair, responsible for running of the group by arranging meetings and planning projects.

Vice-chair, acts as a helping hand to the Chair. The Vice-chair is also responsible for keeping the website up to date.

Secretary/Treasurer, takes notes during meetings and is responsible for the economy, mainly by managing orders at events.

What does equality mean to you? Are you interested in one of these positions or in joining the UU ACM-W? For more information, do not hesitate to contact Nadia at Deadline: 25th Januari 2016  


IN-DEMAND writing contest

Hi ACM-W members,

Check out this writing contest:

Data Dugouts ( was designed to connect technology practitioners with startup and midsize sports and media industry companies.

The purpose of the contest is to help gauge the interest of engineers and programmers into considering these industries for employment opportunities.

The theories presented by contest participants will help both industries in their future recruiting efforts (NOTE: Companies will begin to set up profiles and list internship opportunities in February).

The contest judges are the Chief Information Officers of the Dallas Cowboys and The Ohio State University athletic department.

Click the photo for information on the IN-DEMAND writing contest.

Gold Flyer

Christmas AW fika

The Gender Equality Group and the Uppsala University ACM-W Student Chapter (UU ACM-W) are hosting a Christmas after-work fika.

Are you interested in what we do and want to join us discussing ideas to tackle for the new year or just want to hang out? – Then bring your friends and have fika with us 🙂

Where? ITC room 2415b

When? Tuesday the 15th of December 17:00

We hope to see you there!