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Ada Lovelace Celebration – 17 – 18 of November

The speakers for the Ada Lovelace Celebration were:

Maral Kalajian (Watty) – Obsession is the reward

Edith Ngai (Uppsala University) – Green Internet-of-Things for smart cities

Amandine Le Cahain (DICE) – A look into video games development

Panagiota Fatourou (University of Crete, Greece) – Harnessing the Difficulties of Synchronization

Ruth G. Lennon (Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland) – I think I can I know I can

Mariana Bocoi (Klarna) – The tools and woes of the trade

Alaa Rahimi (Freespee) – Are you curious to know how we teamed up to build our latest product?

Victoria Wagman (4Elks) – How to learn what you didn’t know that you want to know

Thank you all for a great event!

The coding workshop was another great success. Thank you all!


  • Amandine Le Cahain (DICE)
  • Johan Bolin (Prevas)
  • Karin Holmstrom (Prevas)
  • Harold Martinez (Netlight)
  • Siddhartha Mondal (Freespee)
  • Victoria Wagman (46Elks)
  • Mariana Bocoi (Klarna)
  • Maja Kontrec (Erlang Solutions)

April Meeting

Welcome to our next meeting the 6th of April, 16:00 o’clock. The meeting will be held at ITC in room 1406.

The main topic for the meeting is the WomENcourage project: the poster presentations as well as other related tasks, such as PR etc.

If this project sounds interesting to you or if you just want to join and listen, feel free to drop in!

Hope to see you there!

IN-DEMAND writing contest

Hi ACM-W members,

Check out this writing contest:

Data Dugouts ( was designed to connect technology practitioners with startup and midsize sports and media industry companies.

The purpose of the contest is to help gauge the interest of engineers and programmers into considering these industries for employment opportunities.

The theories presented by contest participants will help both industries in their future recruiting efforts (NOTE: Companies will begin to set up profiles and list internship opportunities in February).

The contest judges are the Chief Information Officers of the Dallas Cowboys and The Ohio State University athletic department.

Click the photo for information on the IN-DEMAND writing contest.

Gold Flyer

Annual Election Meeting

As I am sure you all aware, the terms for the current officers of the chapter expires on the last day of this month. Before the new officers can begin their terms on February 1, we need to actually elect them! Granted, this is seems to be a mere technicality this year, given that we currently have (at most) one candidate for each position.

Here are the requirements, as laid out in the chapter bylaws:
we need to hold an election meeting, in a publicly accessible place, announced in writing at least 7 days in advance;
the meeting must be attended by a majority of the voting members of the chapter (where a voting member is a member of the chapter with an active ACM membership);
officers are elected by a plurality of votes (of the voting members in attendance).

So, please consider this to be an official announcement that the chapter will hold a meeting to elect new officers, on a date no earlier than Thursday January 29 and no later than Friday January 30, in a room (yet to be determined) at Polacksbacken.

To the best of my knowledge, we currently have five (5) voting members, so we need to have at least three (3) of the following members in attendance:

All members are welcome to attend, either to venture an opinion or run for office if so motivated. I assume we would accept nominations by e-mail, in the case that someone desired to run for an office but was unable to attend. I very much doubt that we will require more than 5 minutes to complete the process, but its probably safest if we allow for 15 minutes, just in case.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the following doodle:

I will post the room number once we have settled on a time.

Thanks in advance your participation in this minor technicality celebration of the democratic process!

Our chapter in the MemberNet mail

Our chapter has been featured in this month’s MemberNet mail!

On this same issue of  MemberNet mail, our member Virginia Grande was mentioned in the article “Council of European Chapter Leaders Progress Report: Mentoring, F2F Networking Key to Growth” because of her great work with European chapters.

Thank you to all chapter members for doing such a great work!

May meeting

Our next meeting will be held in Polacksbacken, meeting room 1345, Thursday May 8 at 9.00 AM.  Everyone is welcome!

Discussion topics include:

  • Mentoring program
  • Things that would be fun doing!
  • womENcourage 2015
  • Promoting the chapter

If you would like some buns and coffee write your name in the doodle by Monday, May 5 (include any dietary requirements, please!).  Otherwise, you can just show up!!

Hope to see you next week!

Andreina Francisco
(Chair UU ACM-W Chapter)