Ada Lovelace Celebration – 17 – 18 of November

The speakers for the Ada Lovelace Celebration were:

Maral Kalajian (Watty) – Obsession is the reward

Edith Ngai (Uppsala University) – Green Internet-of-Things for smart cities

Amandine Le Cahain (DICE) – A look into video games development

Panagiota Fatourou (University of Crete, Greece) – Harnessing the Difficulties of Synchronization

Ruth G. Lennon (Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland) – I think I can I know I can

Mariana Bocoi (Klarna) – The tools and woes of the trade

Alaa Rahimi (Freespee) – Are you curious to know how we teamed up to build our latest product?

Victoria Wagman (4Elks) – How to learn what you didn’t know that you want to know

Thank you all for a great event!

The coding workshop was another great success. Thank you all!


  • Amandine Le Cahain (DICE)
  • Johan Bolin (Prevas)
  • Karin Holmstrom (Prevas)
  • Harold Martinez (Netlight)
  • Siddhartha Mondal (Freespee)
  • Victoria Wagman (46Elks)
  • Mariana Bocoi (Klarna)
  • Maja Kontrec (Erlang Solutions)

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