Workshop with experts

Hello everyone!

We are an ACM-W student chapter at Uppsala University and promote
gender equality in CS. This year, we want to organize a “Workshop with Experts” session during the autumn at Uppsala University.

The event in short:

  • each invited developer from industry is grouped together with 3-4 participating students from the IT department
  • each group develops a project during a day (~8 hours, Hackathon-like)
  • in the end, we give out awards to the best idea, the audience award, etc.
  • there will be food and drinks throughout the day


The reference to expert means any engineer or developer who has worked for around 3 years in industry. Due to the limited amount of time, the project should be something small, for instance, building a small web application, trying out a new framework / library, building a data structure that you think it’s interesting, etc.

Students background

This event is targeting students from all programs at the IT department (Bachelor in CS, the Master and the Computer and Information Engineering Programs) that have at least 2-3 years of programming experience.

How does this relate to gender equality?

We want to encourage women in CS to join us as experts from industry, coding together with students from the IT department. In order to promote our cause, we need more role models!

Why should you join us?
Get to know and inspire the next generation of developers! By providing you direct contact to students we open up possibilities for you to find an intern, a Bachelor/Master thesis student or future employee. Get to know their development skills and advertise your company!

Further, spread the idea of gender equality! If you are not a women in CS but want to join us as a developer, help us to have a bigger impact on our CS students, and thus increase our visibility and cause.

If you have more questions, please contact us! or